Will Rishab Pant Be The Captain Of Delhi Capitals As Shreyas Iyer Undergoes Severe Injury?

A piece of devastating news coming from India vs. England 1st ODI. The Delhi captain was ruled out of the field whilst fielding for India in the ODI this Tuesday. In a medical report, the injury of Iyer was reported to be a “subluxated” (partially dislocated) shoulder. According to sources, this is the second injury of the Mumbai-based batsman. He had the first incident in a white bowl series against Australia.

“The preliminary view is that he requires surgery but further opinion has been sought from an expert in this regard and if the surgery takes place, which seems likely, he would miss the entire IPL season,” a source told ANI.

Will Shreyas Iyer Miss The Entire IPL 2021 Journey?

Mostly likely as per the medical reports. The report that said initially that he has a ‘partial shoulder dislocation’ now after a brief examination and scans, says that – the 26-year-old has suffers from a ‘LABRUM TEAR’ of a shoulder.

The labrum tear of the shoulder means that Shreyas is now probably suffering from trauma to the shoulder, that involves a reduced range of motion which may require a complete surgery. For that, a period of 2-3 months is minimally required for him to properly recover.

Will Absence of Shreyas Iyer a Big Blow For Delhi Capitals?

Expected to miss 8 weeks at the minimum of IPL action, Iyer has now left the Delhi team management to seriously ponder over the captaincy of the team. Shreyas Iyer has shown remarkable performances in the past and has strengthen the team during past performances. The improved performance of them under Iyer’s leadership had placed them third in the 2019 edition, in last 2020 edition, they were the runner-ups, to safe to say the absence have/will create a hole in the team’s lineup.

It has however presented a great opportunity for Rishab Pant (vice-captain) to lead the team of Delhi Capitals until Iyer returns.

But with players like Steve Smith in the team, they are left with more scratching heads.

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