The ICC clarifies the WTC final follow-up regulation

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has stated that the follow-on rule would not alter if the World Test Championship (WTC) final is rained out on Day One, as it would ordinarily be in previous Test matches. This explanation is in light of the extra day added to the WTC final, which will be held in Southampton, England from June 18 to 23.

“14.1.1: The team that bats first and leads by at least 200 runs shall have the option of ordering the opposing side to follow their innings,” says clause 14 of the ICC playing standards. 14.1.2 – The same option will be available in shorter-duration matches with the following minimum leads: – 150 runs in a three- or four-day match; – 100 runs in a two-day match; – 75 runs in a one-day match.” “If no play occurs on the first and second days of the match, section 14.1 shall apply in proportion to the number of days left (including the planned Reserve Day) from the commencement of play,” says clause 14.3. Regardless of the hour at which play begins, the day on which play first begins counts as a full day for this reason. Play will have begun as soon as the first over has begun after the call of Play.”

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