It is quarantine time for Chennai Super Kings

The BCCI made a mandatory six-day quarantine period for all IPL teams and staff. Three corona-virus tests were also mandated for every team upon landing in the UAE before they could start practice. The Chennai Super Kings team landed in Dubai on 21 August and were undergoing a mandatory quarantine period.

Members of Chennai Super Kings delegation have found positive for the feared corona-virus. This can be a huge turbulence to CSK as they were expected to start their training in Dubai from Friday. Without disclosing names of the players, support persons and officials, sources confirmed the news.

As of now Chennai Super Kings have to push their quarantine time for another one week. It is learnt that the list of members who tested positive includes Indian pacer Deepak Chahar. Authentically learnt that the entire CSK squad and support staff had to undergo their fourth corona test on Friday and the results will only be known on Saturday.

A statement is coined that CSK took all the precautionary measures upon reaching UAE. There are eight teams and over one thousand staff persons, this a possibility. This could have happened to anybody or any team. This is just unfortunate that it happened with CSK despite gripping all the precautions.

It is said that CSK player Deepak Chahar who tested positive can return to training only after a 14 days isolation period. After the quarantine period he will have to test negative twice with a gap of 24 hours to re-enter the biosecure zone.

BCCI is still confident that there is no immediate threat to the IPL schedule. We are not considering any delay or rescheduling as IPL is all set to begin on 19 September. Only announcement of fixtures has been delayed due to this development. CSK was the only team who underwent a camp prior to the departure.

Another jolt for CSK as Suresh Raina leaves the tournament because of some personal reasons. An official informed that everything is as per schedule and CSK has plenty of time to get prepared mentally and physically before the 19th September match.

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