Expert Guide to Betting on Cricket for Beginners

The game of cricket is the second most watched sport in the world, next only to football. The origin of cricket however can be dated before the birth of football. As per the records available, the sport started around in the 16th century. But there are many who believed that the gentlemen’s game had unofficially begun even before that. All this points out to only one fact, the longtime existence of cricket in the world.

Also, cricket betting is as old as the sport itself. Since its inception, the sport has two interested parties – the players playing and the people betting on the sport. Betting adds to the excitement and interest in the way the game is played and its ultimate result. Many attribute the growth and development of the sport to the betting aspects as well. In earlier times, there were special games organized for people with riches so that they can gamble on the matches and the stakes were very high. To create more betting opportunities, many gamblers even formed their own team.

Certain aspects of cricket have changed over the years, but its association with gambling has never gone away. As the second most popular spectator sport in the world, it’s not really surprising that cricket has always attracted a significant amount of betting interest.

There are a lot of changes in the modern day cricket in terms of rules and regulations, but betting involvement in cricket has remained. Although we can easily say that the manner and the mode of cricket betting has evolved over the years.

Does the idea of betting on a cricket match fill you with curiosity and excitement? Are you stopping yourself to bet on a cricket match just because you fear losing money? Well, you couldn’t have been at a better place! We have years of experience in betting on cricket. We will tell you all about how to get bet on cricket as a beginner, etc. Keep on reading to find out more.

Cricket Betting for Beginners

Whether you are an experienced bettor or a complete beginner, this cricket betting guide will help you to discover something new. For a beginner, this is a tell all memoir for cricket betting tips by experts.

How the Sport is Played?

There is no shortcut to this requirement. If you want to bet on a cricket match you have to at least know the basics of the game and how it’s played. Otherwise, no one can save you from losing money!

Cricket Formats

After brushing up your knowledge about the basic cricket rules, we will tell you about the formats under which cricket is played. There are three main cricket formats –

  • Test Cricket – Played between countries with official ‘test status’. Only played on international level. The maximum a match can last is 5 days, with both teams allotted 2 innings each to bat, to bring a result.
  • One Day International Cricket – Played both internationally or domestically. One innings each for two teams. Maximum 50 overs allowed for one team to bat.
  • Twenty20 Cricket – This format too is played both on international and domestic level. The two competing teams are allowed to bat for 20 overs each. There are a few additional rules which depend on the match and where it’s played.

Types of Cricket Wager

Cricket betting offers a wide range of wagers. We have categorized them into 2 types for your better understanding-

  • Easy and straightforward – Start putting your bets on these ones only. Example – Match Outcome, etc.
  • Complicated – Abstain from betting on these in the beginning. Example – Session-wise betting, etc.

Analyzing Possible Outcomes

Try to get access to all the available information about a match and then make informed judgments. Don’t guess or rely on your inexperienced instincts.

Essential Tips for Betting on Cricket

We have given you all the essential tips needed for betting on cricket. These are easy to understand and productive in nature. Do contact us in case you have any query.

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