BCCI Sets in Place Five Rule Changes For IPL 2021

Amid Covid-19 restrictions the BCCI has confirmed five rule changes to bring in more transparency and to ensure fair play in every aspect. The changes are aimed to avoid some controversial issues while empowering third and fourth umpires with more responsibilities. The revised regulations have been circulated with all IPL franchises.

The upcoming season of IPL 14 is around the corner, it is important to us to make aware cricket fans and our followers around the world about the updates and changes that will be implemented in this IPL season by the BCCI so that you can enjoy the cricket with better understanding.

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Minimum Over Rate

BCCI has revised the minimum over rate system. As per new regulations the 20th over must be completed within 90 minutes. Earlier, the 20th over was to start by the 90th minute. The minimum over rate to be achieved in an hour has also been set out as 14.1 overs apart from the time taken for timeouts for an uninterrupted or delayed match.

For interrupted or delayed matches when an innings would be scheduled for less than 20 overs, the maximum time of 90 minutes shall be reduced by 4 minutes 15 seconds for every over by which the innings is reduced.

BCCI endowed the responsibility of ensuring the rule of the fourth umpire. This responsibility empowers the fourth umpire to warn both teams for indulging in time wasting tactics.

No Soft Signal

BCCI has removed the soft signal rule. As per new guidelines, the third umpire will not give priority to on-field umpire’s decisions when referred to him. On-field umpire’s soft signal for no ball, LBW, run out, bump ball delivery, catch, etc. will not have any bearing on the third umpire’s decision. 

Short Run Call

Another change empowers the third umpire to overrule on-field umpire’s decision if batsmen fall short of crease line while taking a run. Short run issue was a highlight in last IPL season. Due to a wrong call by the square leg umpire during Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings match that caused defeat for Punjab Kings. With this change, this kind of decision could be referred to the third umpire and he can overrule the original call of the on-field umpire.


No ball decisions by on field umpires often remain a debatable issue. Now with the new rules the third umpire will monitor every single ball and even would be able to change or overrule on field umpire’s decision or call on field umpire to make the decision if he does not notice the no ball delivery.


In an interesting move, BCCI has decided to eliminate the mysterious and absurd methods to decide the result of a tie match in IPL 2021. As per new rules there will be unlimited super overs till the one hour after scheduled time of the innings if we are stuck with a tie match. Super overs will be continued until there is not a fair winner.

From the fans view it is going to be more fun with super over. Unlike the 2019 World Cup Final, the winner will be decided by the score card.


Hope these updates bring more transparency and more fun to the game. As IPL is around the corner bookmark our website and keep visiting frequently to keep yourself updated with cricket world and IPL stories. And do not miss our free cricket betting tips from experts that could help you to make real money.

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