5 Countries Where Cricket Betting Is Legal

Cricket Betting Is Legal

Cricket is a very famous and most loved game, played with bat and ball between two teams of eleven players. But, no longer remained a field game only nowadays; it has become passion for game lovers and also a source of income for cricket bettors. To track the historical backdrop of betting on cricket, it’s been said that around 1600s, cricket had turned into an efficient and famous game on which to Bet.

At first cricket betting was done through offline bookmakers at a near bar or over telephone calls. Nowadays, with improved and advanced technology, online cricket betting is extremely taking off. Web betting platforms like Bhaiji cricket betting page made the change from offline to online cricket wagering extremely straightforward and smooth.

With the start of new formats and tournaments like Twenty20 and Indian Premier League, cricket has turned out to be extremely mainstream everywhere throughout the world, with billions of fans and supporters. But as its popularity grew overtime time, betting on the cricket game has also flourished.

But every country not allow its citizen to bet on cricket because of certain reasons, for example- In India, cricket betting  is not allowed as it is illegal. On other hand, there are various nations that have figured out how to check illicit betting associations by legalizing the activity.

Among them here are,  5 countries where cricket betting is legal

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, sports wagering is directed by the Gambling Act of 2005, pertinent to anybody and everybody associated with the activity. On the off chance that we speak particularly about the partners of cricket, an arrangement of rules  have been mentioned by the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) in such regard.


The nation has a most noteworthy level of grown-ups participating in either type of betting, as high as more than 80 per cent. In 1998, when the business of betting was in its beginning stages, betting brought the nation a challenging income of 3.8 billion dollars. It would appear that the US needs some income too through authorization of games wagering. Strangely NBA has requested benefit sharing too!

Australian cricket wagering exercises are nearly checked by the Cricket Australia (CA). Additionally, the industry is directed by various laws at the common level. Surprising that no duty is demanded on rewards from betting. Rather, income is created through the administrators.

South Africa

For quite a while, South Africa rehearsed a prohibition on any type of games betting. Be that as it may, things changed with the National Gambling Act 7 of 2004 coming into compelling. The demonstration characterizes betting as ‘putting down or tolerating a wager or bet’ and all betting exercises in the nation are administered by this demonstration. Likewise, there is the separate arrangement of controls that oversee cricket wagering action.

New Zealand

The regulatory authority observing for all betting practices in New Zealand is the Department of Internal Affairs. Not at all like their neighbour Australia, a small games betting market exists in New Zealand. Rules and directions for betting are chosen by the Gambling Act of 2003

Sri Lanka

In comparison with the South African, Australian and the British cricket betting businesses, wagering in Sri Lanka is still in its beginning stages. The bookmakers here for the most part offer wagering openings on the IPL (Indian Premier League) diversions and the matches played by their national team.

Cricket fans of these countries who are interested in Cricket betting, should try online cricket betting tips. There are betting website like Bhaiji which provides free cricket betting tips and predictions for all types of cricket formats and tournaments at local, national and international level. You can also subscribe to paid services for more accurate and result oriented tips and tricks.

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