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Welcome to Bhai Ji’s very own site that provides best betting tips, Australian T20 League Betting Tips, South African T20 League Betting Tips, and India’s Best Betting Tips researched by known cricket experts. We’ve got thousands of daily visitors who trust us with our tips and earn in millions from our expert advice. Become one of them today!


The tips that we provide here are only for referential purposes. Betting is illegal in India. We don't support or encourage betting in India. The residents from countries like England, West Indies, Australia and others, where betting is permitted, will have no such troubles. Indian residents, however, are advised not to visit this website again. We only provide our in-depth analysis and research for the cricket matches. Neither we back betting nor do we give it a boost. If anyone places their bets based on our views, we won't be responsible no matter what the ultimate outcome is. Follow this website to know extensively about a cricket match or a tournament. We hope that we turn out to be fruitful for you!