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TUTI Patriots vs Dindigul Dragons, 14th Match - Cricket Betting Tips

TUTI Patriots vs Dindigul Dragons, 14th Match - Cricket Betting Tips PUBLISHED ON: 2018-07-24
TUTI Patriots vs Dindigul Dragons, 14th Match





Once again we are here with TNPL 14th Match Between Tuti Patriots Vs Dindigul Dragons on 24 July 2018. As you may realize that, day by day Tamil Nadu Premier league going more interesting.

There are many cricket fans from all around the world which are searching TNPL match prediction, if you are finding same,  than you are at perfect place, we are going to provide you Match Prediction and other details for match between JONES Tuti Patriots Vs Dindigul Dragons  24 July 2018

If we talk about Dindigul Dragons, the team is performing very good this time, and win three out of four matches and now is on number one position in the point table,

if we talk about Dindigul Dragons team, they have good batting line up as well as strong bowling, In TNPL point table 2018, JONES Tuti Patriots is on 4th position on the point table and team win their two out of three matches, now i am going to provide you JONES Tuti Patriots Vs Dindigul Dragons team squads.

The Jones Tuti Patriots have batted first in the entirety of their three matches up until now. The initial two went to design as the Tuti Patriots put an large total on the score and after that watched its bowlers defend without hardly lifting a finger. In the third match, however, a par total couldn't be protected by the bowlers and uncovered some potential shortcomings.

Two players, Akash Sumra and Athisayaraj Davidson, are the foundation of this Tuti Patriots bowling lineup. They have grabbed the most wickets amongst them and are called upon by the captain when difficulties arise.

A nearby misfortune in the opening match has been trailed by three persuading triumphs for the Dindigul Dragons. As opposed to their adversaries in this match, the favored strategy for the Dindigul Dragons is by all accounts to pursue down aggregates.

They have pursued down great totals in their three wins on account of good contributions  from the top order. Going up against a solid batting side will pummel the bowlers however depend on it, the Dindigul Dragons have some really explosive  capability of its own.

TUTI Patriots Team Players:
Washington Subramanian Anand(c), Sundar, Kaushik Gandhi, Umashankar Sushil(w), R Sathyanarayan, R Vishaal, Siddarth Ahuja, G Nicul Anand, V Athisayaraj Davidson, V Lakshman, Santosh Shiv, Maaruthi Raghav, Dinesh Karthik, SP Nathan, Akash Sumra, Aushik Srinivas, M Ganesh Moorthi, Aswin Crist, Abhinav Mukund, Lakshmipathy Balaji


Dindigul Dragons Team Players:

Ravichandran Ashwin, Jagannathan Kaushik, M Mohammed, Balchander Anirudh, Trilok Nag, NS Chaturved, Hari Nishanth, Ramalingam Rohit, Mohan Abhinav, Adithya Arun, N Jagadeesan, M Silambarasan, R Vivek, ME Yazh Arun Mozhi, Nivethan Radhakrishnan, Ra Aravind, N Ramakrishnan, Varun Totadri, M Sujendran

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